Rare Vinyl Records

Are you on the lookout for rare or collectible vinyl records? Check out our selection of rare records for sale today and see what you can find.

Rare Records UK

Many avid record collectors have a want list containing their most sought after records. Some are valuable while others are just hard to find. Sometimes part of the fun is the chase.

Digging in record shops for treasure has long since been a fun pastime for vinyl enthusiasts all over the world. Rare LPs, 7 inches, 12 inches and more can often be uncovered at bargain prices.

Online Vinyl Digging

With so much vinyl sold online these days, for many “digging” has moved from the shop to the internet.

Rare Vinyl Records 3

There’s such an incredible amount of information online to devour regarding rare vinyl such as number of pressings, release date, country of origin, different running orders, little imperfections, different cover art etc etc.

It can be a little overwhelming trying to jog your memory when browsing in a shop whereas online you can take your time and make an informed decision rather than a rash purchase you might regret.

Rare Vinyls

With a new generation of vinyl collectors comes some new terminology such as “vinyls”. Whatever you want to call these little round pieces of magic is really up to you.

How to Find/Buy Rare Vinyl Records

First of all it depends on the purpose. If you are buying vinyl you never want to part with then it doesn’t really matter so much about resale value.

Records in mint condition are a must for many record collectors. Some just want the record no matter what and will accept vinyl in VG or VG+ condition but these records tend to be less sought after and are available at much lower prices.

Just as an example, a mint copy of a record could fetch £200 whereas a VG+ could be £100 and a VG £50 and so on. Mint condition is king for collectors.

How to Find the Value of Rare Records

On Discogs, you can check what price records have sold for in the past. This is highly recommend when gauging price vs checking what current sellers are actually asking for.

Remember just because someone wants £100 for a vintage record does not in any way mean that the record is definitely worth that.